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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Hostage | The two people I looked up to in how to form a good, solid relationship - Brittany Spears and Kevin Federline - are calling it quits.


A confidante of Britney’s said to Australia’s NW: "Britney's already seen the divorce lawyer. As it stands, the divorce papers are written up and all she has to do is give the word and they'll be filed in the courthouse. She doesn't want to divorce Kevin, but if that's the best thing for her child and for her own sanity, that's exactly what she'll do."

Now who will I look up to?



  • Why, you can look up to Danae and I! No? How bout me and Rachel? No? hmm.. Laura and I. Definately.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Nov 17, 02:15:00 AM  

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