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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Neato | Fart-less beans: once a dream, now a reality.

NAIROBI, KENYA - Gas is dead; long live the bean burrito!

Dr Colin Leakey - that is his real name - has just produced his first six-tonne harvest of a new strain of South American manteca beans. Dr Leakey, 71, has even developed his own 'fart-ometer' to measure the amount of flatulence produced by manteca beans compared to other varieties. "In physiological and replicated tests, the manteca beans produced no more flatulence than muesli or any other normal (non-bean) grain crop," he said.

I think I speak for anyone who's ever taken a girl out on date to a Mexican restaurant when I say, "Amen."


P.S.: To Dr. Colin Leaky (Can anyone really say that and not bust out laughing? I mean, he's a friggin' FART DOCTOR!), I pose a question; Where can I, too, get a fart-ometer?


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