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Sunday, September 11, 2005

PSA | Webb is not dead, nor is the Daily Cowbell!

NAIROBI, KENYA - As I sit in an internet cafe in Nairobi, able to access my blog for the first time in approximately 72 hours, I've come to realize something:

Maxwell's internet sucks.

I barely can get email, can't seem to send them out, am unable to look at certain Chiefs pages, can't come close to accessing my fantasy football or blog, and am unable to chat without being disconnected at least a dozen times. So just so my avid fans at home know, I am still trying to get it to work, but for a while, my internet, and sadly, the blog, will be down. Sorry.

I still will write to the blog, attempt to publish to it, and back post when able. So pray that my connection works. Later!


p.s. Yesterday I kissed a giraffe! Story to come...


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