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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Observations | Redesign, Girls' Dorm, Gilligan

BOYS’ DEAN’S OFFICE – Who would have ever thought that watching a recording of a Chiefs preseason loss would be the high point of my day?

My wonderful day off began early with (1) receiving my 2nd package from my family, (2) talking to my favorite person in the world, and (3) a super-quick staff worship. And that was all before 9am! After lunch, we headed into town to explore the Yaya center (a super-nice shopping mall) and then took a pit stop for more incredible coffee at the Java House. After an entertaining drive home (through Nairobi rush hour traffic), I headed over to the Bible room, the closest place with a VCR to my apartment. It was great to see te boys in action again, and I can’t wait for the season to begin... so I can not see games until two weeks after they’re played. *Sigh*

Three observations:
  1. My blog looks different... who’s been touching my blog? This morning was devoted to updating the look of the former “Chris Webb’s blog” to the new-and-improved “Daily Cowbell.” Hopefully, this change in style will signal changes for the better to come. More likely, same old crap, different package.
  2. My first dorm worship tonight... in the Girls’ dorm! Valerie and I have agreed that tonight, we’ll switch to eachother’s dorms to do the worship thought. I’ll be doing my award-winning “The Chiefs and Faith” talk, while apparently, she’ll be talking to my guys about either snakes or “respecting women.” Which do you think her girls suggested?
  3. I will not be eugugolizing for Gilligan’s funeral. He survived a doomed three-hour tour, avoided certain death by coconut, and managed to live on a deserted island for three years. But Bob Denver couldn’t escape cancer, or complications in his treatment. He was 70.
I’ll try to do another update later. See ya’ll!



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