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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Final day of preweek

NAIROBI, KENYA – A successful final day of preweek here at MAA. Buildings are clean and staff are prepped for Sunday, when students from all over the world will show up at this school, ready to learn. Or at least, we hope.

Today was my first attempt at laundry, and let me tell you, it wasn’t bad at all. Even though the day was incredibly gray (hey, that rhymes!), my clothes dried off in just a few hours, ready to press in my next free moments. A small event, but nonetheless, a giant leap in the world of Chris-living-completely-by-himeself-in-a-Third-World-country.

I also found out that I will be substituting for the English teacher’s three classes over the first week of October. It’ll be my first opportunity to teach, which is very exciting. As I’ve been saying since before I left, I’m very content with a degree in Journalism, but if this teaching thing works out, I’ll likely make the switch to English Education! A pretty pivotal week of my life, I’d say!

Probably the most valuable part of my day, however, was picking up my new (to me) cell phone from the Hartzells.  Finally, I’ll now be able to receive phone calls (free to me) from home and get to talk to my family! I have to make sure I buy a charger next time I’m in town, because the battery to the cell is almost completely drained. Also, I’m not sure if I’m completely set to receive phone calls, or if I need to set up a phone card first, before receiving free calls (and text messages, by the way). But hopefully I can get that figured out on Sunday, when I’ll run into town and pick up the first batch of students with Loran, the Bible teacher (among other things). That’ll give me a nice head start in meeting students.

Tonight, we had a soup supper, and all the staff (except for us “orphans”) brought different kinds of soups and salads for us to sample. Afterwards, we headed to the church for staff dedication and a communion service. It was a great way to end preweek and to bring in the Sabbath. Tommorow, up and ready to leave at 6:30am to head to the game park and see the animals. Oh gosh, that’s in just a few hours – I’d better get to bed!



  • Really cool Chris,

    I am really jealous about the game park. You know how I am about zoos. I terrorized you as child trying to take you to every zoo in the continintal US, and know you are making me proud.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sat Aug 20, 03:37:00 AM  

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