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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Slow (2) news day(s)

NAIROBI, KENYA - You might have noticed that I haven't written in the last two days. Do not fret; this is only because nothing has happened in the last two days.

3 observations from today/yesterday:
  1. 2nd best thing in the world: Showing up at the academy you will be working at (in Africa) for the next 9 months, and finding out that there's an internet connection in your room.
    2nd worst thing in the world: Finding out that connection doesn't work.
    Best thing in the world: An incredible person comes to your rescue, saving you from the dirt and grime of the computer lab, and hooks up and configures the internet in your abode.
    Worst thing in the world: That formerly incredible person taking away your cord to recrimp it, leaving you, again, cold and alone in the computer lab.
  2. While staff meetings for academy faculty are interesting, the coolness wears off 73% faster when you discuss one seemingly insignificant point for one hour. Straight. Seriously, when I become Principal/President/King/Herr/The Grand Poobah, I will mandate a maximum discussion time of any subject to 16 minutes, with a built-in bathroom break. Vote for me; resistance is useless.
  3. It is still cold here. Brrrr...

Ok, now that I got those out of the way, let's get on with my life.

The last few days have developed a pattern: wake up, go to staff meeting, lunch, work in the afternoon, unscheduled nap time, wake up, scratch, play with the laptop (now named Prometheus), go to bed. The only notable time came during staff meeting on Monday, where we discussed one item -- keys: what doors do they open, who can open them, can students unlock rooms, should students even be in the presence of a key, etc... -- for approximately 45 minutes. Luckily, though we came to a desicion of no desicion, will discuss at a later time. Thankfully, that time was today¡ After spending the better part of an hour talking about the ACTs (and who takes them and when and who pays and why...), we jumped right back into the "key" debate. Final outcome: I dunno. I fell into a coma 20 minutes in.

Also happening today, I tried to get some time in the dorm, working for Mr. VerSteeg, but he was apparently out and about, so it was another short/non-existent work day. I shouldn't worry, because he's been running the dorm program for 12 years, and I'm sure everything in the dorm will be done on time. But I'm a tad nervous about Sunday night, when all of a sudden, ready or not, students are living in my building. Will the rooms be ready? Will the freshly-painted walls be ready? Heck, will I be ready? These are the things going through my mind.

It'll be better soon, though. Tommorow, after staff meeting, I'll get my first real taste of Nairobi. The staff will be treated to a meal at an Italian restaurant, and then we shop. Likely, until we drop. I plan on spending my Ksh3750/- (equivalent to $50, but it feels like more) on a SIMM card for a cell phone and some prepaid minutes. Apparently, incoming calls are free to me, so I'll be expecting calls from my momma ASAP! Can't wait to hear an actual voice.

I've been getting many emails from home in the last few days. It's nice to know my family and friends are thinking about me, and it's nice to know that people are checking this thing I call a "blog" to see how I'm doing. I really appreciate it, and again, you're all in my prayers as I'm in yours. Take care, and God bless.



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