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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Oui Oui, Paris!

PARIS, FRANCE - So i am finally on the last leg of myjourney - Paris! So awesome. I really enjoy this city. it is big and reminds me of rome, but it's more laid back and has an almost party feel to it. Yesterday when we got in and all that, we took off to the arch d'triumph and stood at the top of it. pretty cool, i must say! then we walked down the avenue past all the cool shops to the concorde, then into the big gated area in front of the louve. we didn't go in, but we are planning on doing that today. we walked around that area a while, grabbed some (really really good) supper, and took off to see the mos famous sight in paris: Hank's Irish Pub and Grill. HA, just kidding. the Eiffel Tower! It was beautiful. we were up there for two hours and we saw the sunset from it. then when we came down (at around 11:00), the whole thing lit up with these little flashing lights that made it look sparklinng. It was wonderful. so we did all that, and it was great. Today, the Louve and some of the other historical sights around. I am writing this from my palm pilot, hoping that in the first few minutes i leave the hostel, i see a litle sign for free WiFi and i can send it off. Expect posts (and back posts, too - check the archives!) coming more often in the next few days. Miss ya all!



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