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Friday, May 20, 2005

Live, from Montecatini, it's Chris Webb...

MONTECATINI, ITALY - Wow, do I love this country or what?

It's almost midnight here in Tuscany, and as I sit in front of the computer screen at the internet cafe, I wonder to myself how in God's green earth am I sitting here.

I ate pizza in Pisa. I went pooty in the Pitti (Palace). I rode a bike on top of the walls of Lucca. I ate gelato on the Ponte Vecchio.

Europe (1)

I am enjoying this place so much, and learning a whole lot, too. My big three lessons of the day:

1. Italian women don't like loose fitting clothing.
2. Either a working knowledge of the Italian language OR a translator will drastically enhance your food ordering experience.
3. Italy is way better with two contacts in than with one.

Enough of that. Today, I went to the cities of Pisa and Lucca with Jonathan Hilliard and Austin Purkeypile. The rest of our Union College group ran back to Florence for the day to finish our the sights, so us three, having seen almost everything Firenzia had to offer, headed off first to go check out this big tower that apparently is leaning.

Note to self: anyone who talks crap on the Leaning Tower is stupid. Just plain stupid. It was beautiful there! We got into the main square where there's a baptistry, a church, and the tower just slanted over. Walked around, took a couple pictures, tried to free Austin from the gypsy that was trying to sell him a €150 Folex (Fake Rolex to those who don't "get it"), got the best pizza the city had to offer, and then pop onto another train to Lucca.

Europe (3)
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There we walked around, checked out a church and a super big tower, free Austin from a lil' German princess ("I SWEAR OFFICER, SHE WAS 18"), biked around the city, ate a couple crepes, and then headed off back to the train station.

Ok, my time at this internet station is running out, so i think I will let my avid readers go. Watch for more posts, earier dated, and this post in an updated for. Sorry, don't wanna pay for more time. Later!



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