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Wednesday, May 18, 2005


MONTECATINI, ITALY - I don't want to talk about how tired I am. Let's just say that I don’t wanna go back to the US, not necessarily because Italy is so great, but because planes just plain suck.

All that aside, I’m a pretty happy person. Thank God we made it in safely. On the plane, I got to finally watch National Treasure, arguably the cheesiest movie ever invented; I was fed on the plane, so that was good. We met up with our tour leader, Paulo, a really nice Italian guy. WE ate at the equivalent of a gas station restaurant a la Taco Bell, minus the gas station. We drove through the rain, saw beautiful scenery, and go safely into our hotel.

The hotel we're staying in, Hotel Minera, is a very nice 3 stars in rating. Jonathan Hilliard and I are staying in room 215, all the way at the end of the hall, in a room with a trick door that was incredibly hard to open. However not bad at all. I have a mini bed, a half closet, and a place to plug in electronics. (Thanks, Dad, for the converter!)

Finally, now that we were set, we ran downstairs and drank grapefruit juice and ate supper. First course was this incredible bean soup that tasted a lot like a lentil soup. 2nd course was a very good pasta that had a marinara sauce, followed by finally veal. It was probably the first time I had beef in like 4 years. Yea, it was incredible. Finally we ended on gelato.

Yup, so that's all for today. Back in the room now, I’m pretty tired after all that traveling. Tomorrow we visit Florence, the town that I’ve earned so much about. I'm excited! Talk to you later!



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