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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Picture appears on site: who is to blame?

ORTNER CENTER - Something is fishy here.

While sitting at a booth in the Union College cafeteria, Chris Webb (L) and Jennifer Allred were "suddenly and deliberately attacked" [in a completely photographical way] by a large, handsome, barely recognizable male.

The man, now dubbed the Phanton Photographer, ran up to the two, pulled out his camera phone, and stole a shot of the two posing for a picture. Derek Daniel, boyfriend of Allred, was also at the table, but was far too shocked to actually do something about the situation.

If that wasn't enough, the picture appeared on Webb's recently opened blog, taunting the man and leading him to vow to find the perpetrator.

"We'll get this Phanton Photographer guy, I promise," Webb promised at one of his random, rarely announced press conference. He then ran his fingers through his beautiful, curly, flowing hair and stared reporters down with his steely blue eyes. "Oh yes, I promise."



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