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Saturday, May 07, 2005

A view from Africa: Pictures from Kenya

African Safari 129e
Click on picture to see the rest!
LINCOLN, NE - When Valerie Robinette handed Chris Webb the CD of pictures from Maxwell Adventist Academy, he practically ran to his room.

CD in hand, of course.

Webb and Robinette will both be student missionary assistant deans at MAA in Kenya next year. Robinette managed to get ahold of pictures of the MAA campus and quickly burned one for her fellow UC SM.

In a statement following the "looking-at-all-the-pictures-on-the-CD" session, Webb announced that he would be releasing the photographs on his blog.

By simply clicking the picture on the screen, visitors would be sent to a slideshow of select other pictures of MAA. He hopes that they will help illustrate where he'll be working next year.



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