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Friday, March 25, 2005

Shooting the Nile | Some Luxor Pictures

LUXOR, EGYPT - Some recent shots I've taken.

Karnak Temple (obviously). Now looking back, this is definately one of the high points of the trip. Pyramids are amazing, and I love museums, but temples like this are very one-of-a-kind. There are like no temples like these in Northern (Lower) Egypt.

This is the famous Obelisk of Hatshepsut. Why is it famous? I guess just because Hatshepsut owned it or made it or commissioned it. Good question.

One of my favorite shots
from this trip. Put the image into grayscale, then noticed the dang sun in the back. Well at least it didn't make a sunspot... wait a sec... that looks amazing... I'm a GENIUS! Thank you Photoshop!

My last picture from Karnak. This is looking down the Great Hypostyle Hall. This room can singlehandedly hold St. Peter's in Rome and St. Paul's in London, at the same time!

Luxor Temple at night. After being in Karnak Temple for so long, Luxor was a bit weak. Then again, I had to kind-of hurry through it, and it was cold. I tried to go back the next day, but I was pretty pooped and I wanted to go hang out at an internet cafe for Christmas, so it never happened.

Some artisans crafting God-knows-what from alabaster. This is outside their shop. I went in, was fed the line about how naturally their stuff was made, and walked out (sucessfully) with nothing in hand. However, I stopped to watch these older men do their work here. One of them offered me a piece, and I took it and said thank you. Then he held out his hand, waiting on some baksheesh. Jerk.

Some relief from somewhere... I think from Karnak Temple. To be honest, a lot of these reliefs look really similar, but they're cool, so whatever.

Deir al-Bahri - Hatshepsut's Temple. You can tell it was designed by a woman, because there are no beer cans or urinals in the entire place.

Valley of the Kings.



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