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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Neato | I need this in the dorm.

MY APARTMENT - This is how we'll get the guys to aim properly. If Mr. Nibbles can, so can you, Jonny.
"I was shocked! Tom kicked his litter habit and was using the toilet in just a few weeks. You've got a great product CitiKitty."
Rick - Washington DC
So awesome. I want to kick my litter habit, too.



  • Hiya Chris! Um, long time no talk! How ya been? Did pastor rich make it to visit you? Did you like the boxes everyone made? It seemed pretty full when i saw it last... Hopefully, you liked the stuff! I did something retarded with my msn sooo max needs to fix it one of these days because i dont know how! Email me or something. This next week and a half will be hell, but afterwards, hopefully great! Lots has happened these last coupla weeks... Mel's at EA now! YAY!!! and much more, but i'll tell ya later, gater! Take care,

    By Anonymous Shawna, at Mon Dec 05, 09:57:00 AM  

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